Stress Transformation

Symptoms of stress. Which are the factors commonly causing stress?

Stressors. Sources of stress:
  • At home
  • At the work place
Stress Management Personal Action Plan
Attitudes for transforming stress
Body work and consciousness - quick techniques to deal with stress and transform it into energy
Practical breathing exercise, relaxation...

What are the most effective physical exercise to deal with stress?
Meditation, relaxation or self-hypnosis?

What are the other benefits of this training?
  • You will learn unique practical techniques to relieve stress and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome
  • You will learn to restore your physical and psychic powers
  • You will learn techniques of mental attitude and health
  • You will be able to choose the most appropriate stress-control and transformation techniques for you
  • You will acquire quick and practical techniques for working with the body and mind
  • You will learn how to transform stress into energy
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