Training "Sales and Trade Negotiations"

When: 07.11.2013 (Thursday) from 9 am to 17 pm
Place: GBITC, 25 Frederick Jolio-Curie Street, Sofia
Working language: Bulgarian
Speakers: Boyko Boev, Gustav Kaeser Training International

We have a Choice ...

In the printing industry of New York until recently there are the so-called word-depositors carrying out a particular activity. They work all the day and primarily arrange advertisement text. Most of you probably will ask: what's so? This story has its catch moment. For many years, the work of these word-depositors has been done in parallel by a fully automated machine for one-tenth of the time it takes for the word-depositors to do it. Yes, you have read it correctly, the work of these word-depositors is completely meaningless: every text that they arrange is immediately becoming subjected to melting. These people every day go to work to do something completely meaningless and useless.

Commercial success is won in the mind first

Good trainings require courage and composure, is convinced Boyko Boev of Gustav Kaiser Training International.

Boyko Boev is a certified business coach for the Swiss company Gustav Kaiser Training International - www. He has been manager of Trecom. He has worked as a sales manager at SPARKY, a trading manager at METRO Cash & Carry, Manager at BD TOURS Ltd., Deputy Executive Director at NAFTIMEX International AD, Managing Partner of DIMATEX-BULGARIA OOD. German alumnus, graduated in Management at Technical and Economic University of Berlin / Germany. Conducts trainings in Bulgarian and German.

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